Herstal Group

FN Herstal is part of Herstal Group that is known around the globe for the quality of its products. Under the brands FN Herstal, Browning and Winchester, Herstal Group designs, manufactures and distributes a full range of firearms and accessories for defense, law enforcement, hunting and marksmanship.

Herstal Group's Headquarters in Herstal, Belgium

Herstal Group has its headquarters in Herstal, a suburb of Liege, Belgium, and offices in several other European countries, North America and Asia.

Herstal Group has two internationally renowned subsidiaries:

  • FN Herstal, whose expertise lies in Defense and Law Enforcement business, and
  • Browning, who commercializes the Browning and Winchester trademarks and is a world leader in hunting, shooting and outdoor.

Each subsidiary has its own research, development and manufacturing facilities, and its own selling network.

Since 1997, Herstal Group has been 100% owned by the Walloon Region of Belgium. With manufacturing locations in Belgium, US, Portugal and Japan, the global Herstal Group provides employment to a workforce of about 3,000 people.


A Worldwide Presence

Just like Herstal Group's headquarters, FN Herstal is located in Herstal, Belgium, at the heart of Europe, the European Union and NATO. The Herstal facilities house all Departments in charge of designing, developing, testing, manufacturing, marketing and selling light and portable weapons, integrated weapon systems and ammunition to Military and Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide.

Barrel Manufacturing

FN Herstal is the 100% parent company of two U.S. entities:

FN Manufacturing, established in Columbia, South Carolina, is the U.S. manufacturing arm of FN Herstal and is currently producing M249 light machine guns, M240 medium machine guns and M16 rifles, among others. FN Manufacturing is one of only three manufacturers designated by the U.S. Government as the domestic industry base for small arms production. 70% of the small arms used by U.S. Armed Forces around the world bear the FN name. 

FNH USA, located in Mc Lean, Virginia, is the U.S. sales and marketing arm of FN Herstal.

In addition, FN Herstal also relies on a worldwide sales network that guarantees customers a local support on the international level.


Firearms Tradition and Technological Innovation

FN Herstal has a long history of weapon manufacturing excellence, dating back to 1889 when many of the region's arms makers joined together to complete a large contract for 150,000 military rifles for the Belgian government under the original company name of Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre.

From the very start, FN Herstal has focused on innovation and product improvement, resulting in the development and production of a large number of state-of-the-art weapons and associated products being renowned and used by Military and Law Enforcement operators around the globe. This accounts for FN Herstal establishing in the last fifty years a position of worldwide leadership in the small arms market.


Major Product Achievements

9mm HP Pistol

In 1897, FN Herstal associated with John Moses Browning, one of the most innovative firearms designers in history and the original designer of the famous 9mm High Power automatic pistol. One million of HP pistols have been produced so far.

Some years later, he developed the famous .50 Cal M2 machine gun, which was manufactured by FN Herstal from the thirties. This machine gun is still widely used today, either on tripods or mounted on a wide variety of vehicles, boats and ships.

MINIMI 5.56 Machine Gun

In the fifties, FN Herstal participated in the development of the 7.62x51mm cartridge as a standard firearm cartridge among NATO countries and developed the most successful weapons in that caliber, the FAL™ light automatic rifle with two million units produced, and the MAG™ medium machine gun (U.S. M240 series) adopted by over 80 countries at today's date.

In the seventies, FN Herstal developed the 5.56x45mm SS109 round that became the NATO Standard 5.56mm cartridge and the 5.56x45mm MINIMI™ light machine gun. The MINIMI™ has been adopted by over 45 countries over the globe.

M3M Medium Ramp Pintle

Always bearing in mind innovation to suit the market demand, FN Herstal introduced in the early eighties the .50 Cal. M2HB-QCB (Quick Change Barrel) configuration. More than just selling the complete QCB machine guns, the Company was the first on the market to offer the quick conversion kit for existing M2HB machine guns.

In the late eighties, FN Herstal started to develop integrated weapon systems for installation into or onto helicopters and subsonic aircraft. These systems are equipped with either 7.62x51mm or .50 Cal. M3™ machine guns. FN Herstal is the sole producer of the .50 Cal. M3™ machine guns, available in pintle-mounted or coaxial versions. Over 1,800 carriers are fully equipped with FN Herstal's products today, with a major reference in the United States where the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps recently adopted the M3M under the GAU-21 designation.

Based on these major successes, FN Herstal started to develop weapon systems for land and sea applications soon after.

Five-seveN Tactical Pistol

Pursuing innovative developments, FN Herstal introduced in the nineties the 5.7x28mm ammunition, together with the P90® Personal Defense Weapon and the Five-seveN® pistol. The new caliber is recommended as NATO standard.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Company launched the only ambidextrous and modular bullpup assault rifle available on the marketplace: the F2000™, available in either Standard or Tactical version.

Since the early 1990's, FN Herstal has been involved in less lethal, which resulted into the introduction of the FN303™ less lethal launcher onto the market in 2003. The FN303™ fires specifically designed projectiles and offers military and law enforcement users an alternative to the use of firearms by neutralizing suspects with maximum effectiveness and minimum risk.

Alongside these new products, FN Herstal, in cooperation with Rheinmetall Canada, designed and developed an Advanced Reconnaissance and Remotely Operated Weapon Station (ARROWS™). This can be equipped with either a 7.62mm or a .50 Cal. machine gun, offering total protection for the gunner since it is aimed and fired from beneath armor.

In 2006, FN Herstal expanded its machine gun range with the new lightweight machine gun MINIMI™ 7.62 chambered in 7.62x51mm caliber.

SCAR-H STD Assault Rifle with Grenade Launcher

Mid 2008, FN Herstal introduced the SCAR™ assault rifles, chambered in either 5.56x45mm or 7.62x51mm caliber and the 40x46mm enhanced grenade launcher module, all developed under the USSOCOM SCAR program.

Simultaneously, a new Light Remotely operated Weapon Station (LRWS™) is being developed. It can accept three various FN Herstal's infantry machine guns, i.e. the MINIMI™ 5.56, the MINIMI™ 7.62 and the MAG™, and features unique elevation and depression angles.


Quality and Reliability

For more than 100 years, FN Herstal has successfully equipped generations of soldiers, airmen and marines. Its solid reputation can be attributed to its rigorous professional ethics, its ongoing effort to achieve foremost quality and its commitment to efficient service and outstanding customer support. Every weapon FN Herstal builds proudly bears the FN oval, a mark that represents more than a century of experience making the finest weapons in the world.